What is Thanksgiving? Why do people of USA eat turkey and What will happen today?

Thanksgiving in USA is celebrated with full of joy and entertainment. People across America are getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving 2018. Whereas, question arises about the background of thanksgiving and why people of USA celebrate it?

Thanksgiving in USA occurs on the fourth Thursday of November month in every year. This is considered as the most beloved annual holiday for the people across America, pushing on the Holiday Season.

History and beginning of Thanksgiving in USA was started back to 1621 when a set of English pilgrims joined a dinner with ethnic group of Native Americans to enjoy an ample harvest. There is evidence about same type of gatherings which were held two years previously in Virginia State. There was no fixed date of Thanksgiving in USA and all states of America celebrated Thanksgiving differently. However, Abraham Lincoln, Former President of USA decided to make it a national holiday across the country.

People from Carribean Islands and Canada also celebrate Thanksgiving in their countries respectively. Somehow their celebrations resemble with Americans. Whereas Thanksgiving in UK is also part of their celebrations but it is not broadly witnessed as compare to USA, Carribean Islands and Canada.

Why People of America likes to eat Turkey on the occasion of Thanksgiving?

In inception, people who started the concept of Thanksgiving in USA, the partygoers liked to dine on fowl and beef instead of traditional turkey. Nobody had the idea about why turkey became the main dish of Thanksgiving Dinner. May be it happened because turkey is inherent to the North Americans. As per research by the University of Illinois, about 50 Million approximately turkeys are scoffed on the occasion of every Thanksgiving in USA. Turkey will be treated as a main dish on this Thanksgiving 2018 and people will enjoy their meals.

What happens on Thanksgiving in USA?

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, people of USA gather with their friends and family to see American famous football and also enjoy drink, eat and especially turkey is the main dish for their dinners. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the main event in New York City. Other big and main cities of USA also enjoy massive parades with floats and brass bands.


What is Black Friday and when it comes?

Black Friday in USA is also a traditional holiday and it celebrated vastly. It comes after Thanksgiving holiday, last Friday of November Month. On Black Friday, sellers of different products reduce the prices and also give discount deals to the buyers. Black Friday gives way forward to Christmas Gift Buying season and Happy New Year. November and December months are very attractive for Americans as they enjoy the whole season with their loved ones.

People can enjoy Thanksgiving in USA with their friends and family. Tasty meals, drink and parties make the Thanksgiving occasion more exciting for people. They can make Thanksgiving 2018 more joyful and memorable as compare to Thanksgiving 2017.



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