Most Delicious Thanksgiving Appetizers

Thanksgiving is a magnificent occasion to show recognition to your loved ones. Quality and tasty food always increases the pleasure of family and friends get together. Before the main and delicious meal get started most of the people sit and like to eat light food. Thanksgiving appetizers are part of this festive season.

People are around their friends and family catching up each other and giving Thanks. However, there are many other main Thanksgiving dishes and Thanksgiving recipes for Thanksgiving dinner but Thanksgiving appetizers have their own value which gives extra deliciousness and satisfaction to the gatherings.

There are many options for this kind of starter dish. There are variety of options to choose from when you think of Thanksgiving appetizers, When you make a menu of appetizers which can be served before the main meal you need to remember to include a vast variety of dishes like quiches, dips, soup and tarts. These appetizers are healthy and tasty. These Thanksgiving appetizers will prevent the gathering from stuffing themselves with the heavy meal.

However, you have to keep to simple but tasty snacks. There are many different and unique recipes that can be used to make Thanksgiving appetizers. The best Thanksgiving recipes are the simple ones which helps you to spend time with your loved ones and energy to be around and catch up your friends and family members during this type of Thanksgiving Holiday season.

One of the recipes of acorn soup is as under:-

Ingredients required here for acorn soup are:- 2 acorn squashes, 1 onion, a quarter tablespoon of nutmeg, chicken broth, 2 tablespoons butter, four slices of Swiss cheese and 3 slices of bread.

For preparation of this kind of Thanksgiving appetizer, you have to wrap the squashes in a paper napkin then cook it in the microwave for five minutes approximately then turn them over for four to five minutes till they are a bit tender. When this procedure gets completed, pierce with a knife and let it stand for five minutes.

Once the squash gets cooled then heat the butter in a large sauce pan and also slide the onions on another pan in medium heat. Cut the squash into halves, remove all the seeds and add the pulp on onions then cook them for few minutes. Add on the nutmeg, chicken broth cayenne and also add salt into it. Boil and simmer it for ten minutes approximately. Also heat the mixture of squash together with the shell. Place all this on a baking dish and also fill all the shells with soup and cover it by using small slices of bread, then boil it for three minutes and then it’s ready to serve.

Bruschetta is another good appetizer. It is made by toasting the green bread after brushing the toasted green bread with olive oil. Other stuffing and toppings like artichokes, eggplant, chopped tomatoes and chopped olives can be added. Olive is god for health and it also reduces cholesterol from the body.

Another attractive dish for the gathering would be smoked salmon and cucumber. This appetizer will definitely satisfy your guests.

Salsa and chips is part of the Thanksgiving Menu. You can make your own tortilla chips along with homemade salsa.

These are one of the best Thanksgiving appetizers which will give huge satisfaction to you and your loved ones.


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