Background and Origin of Canadian Thanksgiving

The background and beginning of Canadian Thanksgiving are more closely associated to the traditions of Europe than of the United States. Long time before few European people settled in North America, in the month of October Europeans conducted celebrations of harvest and festivals of thanks in that period. In 1578, the first ever Thanksgiving celebration took place in North America, Canada. At that time Martin Frobisher, an explorer from England reached safely and explored the New World. That means the people celebrated first Canadian Thanksgiving 43 years before the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Thanksgiving Day is an annual Canadian holiday, which occurs on the second Monday in the month of October. Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations happen because of healthy harvest and blessings of the last year. Since 6th November, 1879, Thanksgiving has been officially celebrated by Canadian people as an annual holiday. However, the date varied by year and it was not fixed. In past, it was commonly celebrated on the third Monday in the month of October.

On 31st January, 1957, the Canadian Governor General Vincent issued an announcement that from onwards, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on the second Monday in the month of October.

Thanksgiving Day can be confusing for new visitors. Mostly other countries have no holiday like this one. You may like to skip the whole celebrations but it’s an important Canadian holiday. This year Canadian Thanksgiving is on 8th October, 2018.

Canadian Thanksgiving Traditional Celebrations


Canadian Thanksgiving traditions are very unique and attractive. A plain celebration of thankfulness of the Earth’s gift is through a marvelous feast, like all the harvest season celebrations throughout times gone by. Friends and family gathering for whole day of delight and association is easier in Canada than elsewhere in the world. However, Monday is an official Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday, Canadians celebrate it during the long three day weekend.

After completing the main meal, it is a tradition to kick back and relax while watching the featured football game. Canadian football teams play on Monday only two days in the year. So Canadian people enjoy the featured “Thanksgiving Day Classic” football game. In order to select which team will play, one refers to a rotation schedule.

The long three day weekend of Thanksgiving is usually the occasion for a last big outdoor event as well as the indoor activities of the meal with friends and family. Canadian people also participates or watches the Thanksgiving Day parades that are such an integral part of the Canadian holiday. Before winter sets in, people have their last outside adventure during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. This is an ideal time for Canadians to have a last hike or conducting a fishing contest.

Canadian Thanksgiving Day is a secular feast too; it is religiously celebrated in the churches of Canada too. All churches are decorated with cornucopias, wheat sheaves, pumpkins, corn ears and gourds motivated by the traditions of old European harvest celebrations. Whether secular or divine, it is an excellent cause to celebrate and appreciate what we have. People can make Canadian Thanksgiving 2018 more blissful and tremendous as compare to Canadian Thanksgiving 2017.




Canadian Thanksgiving 2018

Canadian Thanksgiving 2018

Canadian Thanksgiving Traditions

canadian thanksgiving traditions

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canadian thanksgiving food

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canadian Thanksgiving holidays


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