A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving based upon the popular comic named Strip Peanuts. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the tenth animated TV special animated short comedy film. It was aired on 20th November, 1973 on the CBS network. It also won Emmy Award.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving continues to be aired every November in prime time show. ABC network telecasts this short comic charlie brown thanksgiving video. With Thanksgiving 2018 approaching, you must be thinking about some unique and new traditions. On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, watching a Thanksgiving Movie is a nice way to enjoy your holiday with family and friends together.

On this Thanksgiving Day 2018, you can watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie. The story of the said movie is very unique and special. The opening scene of movie is when Lucy tempting Charlie Brown to kick the football which she is holding. At first, Charlie Brown refuses, thinking that Lucy will put it away from him but Lucy tried to convince him that kicking the football is a part of Thanksgiving Tradition. Charlie Brown deceived and landing flat on hhis back while trying to kick the football as he thought that Lucy would never use her trick on the occasion of National Holiday.

In Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie, Charlie and Sally are preparing to visit their grandmother’s house for a Thanksgiving dinner. However, Charlie Brown receives a phone call from his friend named Peppermint Patty who invites herself to his house for a dinner. He also received another phone call from Marcie and Franklin for the same. He finds himself in a difficult situation as he was thinking to visit his grandmother’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. Subsequently, Linus suggests to Charlie Brown by giving an idea of two Thanksgiving dinners. First dinner for Patty and his friends and second dinner at his grandmother’s home. Charlie Brown says that he is not a cookin expert, he only knows how make toast and cold cereal. Linus got support from Snoopy and Woodstock to set up chairs and a table in the backyard of house. Snoopy, Linus and Woodstick starts helping Charlie for food preparation. After a while, food gets ready. Guests arrive and make their way to the back yard for tasty and yummy Thanksgiving feast. Linus lead the group of friends in prayer details the First Thanksgiving in 1621. Snoopy starts serving the food and he served dishes like jelly beans, pretzel sticks, buttered toast, an ice cream sundae and popcorn. In the mid of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie, Patty initial shock at the unusual meal quickly turns to anger and at full volume she berates Charlie Brown. Charlie leaves the table timidly. Marcie interrupts and reminds Patty that Charlie didn’t even invited her and she had invited herself with addition of Marcie and Franklin. Coming to her senses and later on she apologizes to him.

Charlie Brown loses track of time as he and Sally are suppose to visit their grandmother’s house and the clock strikes four. They are supposed to reach at grandmother’s house by 4:30. Then he decides to call her and explain the situation. He calls her grandmother and he mentions that they are having meal and his friends have not eaten yet. His grandmother invites all of his friends too in Thanksgiving dinner, the news is welcomed with full of cheer and joy from everyone. As the kids ride in the car and they sing a melodious song and Carlie also corrects the kids about the song. After kids leave, Snoopy and Woodstock go to the dog house and cook traditional Thanksgiving meal that includes a tasty turkey.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a famous movie and interesting to watch.


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